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What is My Family 365? 

My Family 365 is a family reunion planning and resourceful application. Users can plan, organize and share their next family reunion. Once you register your family name, you will have access to countless resources at your fingertips. Plan, communicate and collaborate with all your family members in a single application.  


How does My Family 365 work? 

You can download My Family 365 for FREE. However, there is a one-time lifetime fee of $59 to register your family name. Once you register your family name, you will become the family admin and receive a unique family code that will give you and your family access to all its features and capabilities. 


What is the cost of My Family 365? 

There is a one-time lifetime fee of $59. Once purchased, My Family 365 will become your own family reunion planning platform for you and your family. While there is no limit on the amount of family members that can use your family's unique code, only one registered family name is allowed per membership.


Where can I register my family name? 
Once you download My Family 365, you can register your family name by clicking one of the ‘Register Now’ buttons on the home screen. You can also register your family name by going to 


How many times can I share my unique family code? 

There is no limit on how many family members can use your unique family code. Once your family name is registered, My Family 365 will become YOUR personal app and you will be able to connect with ALL of your family members who download the app and use your unique family code. 


Can I register a second family name if I’ve paid the $59 lifetime fee? 

No. Once you pay the $59 one-time lifetime fee, you will receive a unique family code for your family name.


What are the highlights and functionality of My Family 365? 

Once you register your family name, My Family 365 becomes our own personal platform for you and your family to communicate, collaborate and plan your next family reunion. As a registered family, you will have access to: 

  • Interactive Post Feed: Whether it’s a status, an announcement or reminder, the interactive post feed will allow all of your family members to stay connected. 

  • Media Sharing: All of your memories in one place! With My Family 365, you will have access to unlimited uploads of photo and videos. Family members with access to the App are able to upload and download content anytime. 

  • Family Directory: My Family 365 will create your own family directory. Once each family member registers using your unique family code, they will create a profile that will instantly appear in the Family directory.  

  • Create Events & Alerts: My Family 365 allows you to create unlimited events, see who is attending and 24-hr event reminder. All events are easily synced to your devices’ calendar, so you never miss an event. 

  • In-App Chat Capability: Whether you want to communicate with the entire family or create a designated group, our chat capability allows you to stay connected through the entire planning process. 

  • Add payment links: My Family 365 makes it easy for all family members to make payments for any goods and services. Avoid the hassle of collecting payments form everyone in your group individually. Simply upload the link and everyone can submit their payments directly.

  • Share Custom Links: Got a suggestion for a family resort? Or perhaps a fun activity you think everyone will enjoy? Share the link with your family member thru our Custom Link Share capability. Sharing a direct link will allow your family members to check out a restaurant, hotel, bar or location for themselves!


What happens to my content after the Family Reunion happens?

The content will be available for you and your family for as long as you want. The registered admin will have access to remove the content if needed to plan the next family reunion. 


The solution to all your problems when it comes to planning your next family reunion. 



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